Meet Jasmine!

Wife, dog mom, forever student, world traveler, yogi, registered nurse, functional medicine certified health coach, and restorative wellness practitioner. 


Welcome to my world of passion and purpose! I am driven by a deep desire to help others improve their lives and live their best versions. 

With a strong affinity for health and wellness, I have dedicated myself to understanding and addressing the gaps within our healthcare system. 

My personal journey with a thyroid autoimmune condition, specifically Hashimoto's, ignited a fire within me to bridge the knowledge gap and be a guiding light for those seeking answers and support. 

I am immensely proud of overcoming my own health challenges and achieving remission, allowing me to lead a vibrant life while serving others on their own transformative journeys. 

Join me on this path towards optimal wellbeing and empowerment!


My functional medicine journey began post concussion...

I felt tired, sleeping most of the day in the beginning. I couldn't bare sounds, I was easily irritated, frequently anxious, and suffered from panic attacks. That is when I was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome. After a months time, I was still suffering, nothing seemed to be improving, my doctor referred me to a neurologist for help. There I was diagnosed with migraines. This began a parade of different medications, frequently changing because nothing was working for me. I ended up in the ED a month later where I was told I was on too many medications. My neurologist then diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I continued to get worse. 

Other symptoms began to show up. My face started breaking out in a red rash, so my doctor sent me to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with rosacea and sent me home with a face cream.

Next I developed a rapid heart rate between 150-180 beats per minute at rest!  A couple days with a heart monitor told my doctor it was just a fast heart rate so I was placed on beta blockers (with no attempt to figure out why it was suddenly elevated).

I was tired of the revolving door of specialists. Each one treating one part of the body and putting me on a parade of pills for symptom management without ever telling me WHY this was happening. I was angry, exhausted, losing hope, and  afraid I wouldn't be able to return to work. I was ready to give up.

But then everything changed...

A powerful testimonial from a friend led me to seek help with a functional medicine provider during my health crisis. I was captivated by the comprehensive approach and the profound impact it had on connecting the dots of my health journey. 

The experience of being truly heard and understood, while having my symptoms validated only empowered me to regain control of my wellbeing. 

Restoring my own health and achieving remission in Hashimoto's became a driving force, propelling me to help others find their path to optimal wellness. 



Deeply inspired, I immersed myself in extensive self-study and expanded my knowledge through ongoing education. My approach combines the wisdom acquired from both conventional medicine and functional medicine, my own personal health journey, an investigative mindset to identify root causes, and enhanced by positive psychology principles. 

I partner alongside YOU: because YOU are the most important, active participating member in your health and wellness journey. 

Ultimately, my goal is to empower individuals to reclaim their health and guide them towards a life of improved wellbeing! 



I have..

Ran 2 half marathons

(one at Disney)

(one in the midwest)


graduated summa cum laude!


worked as a bedside nurse for 5+ years.

I trained in medical/surgical and specialized in IMC/PCU.

I have..

 a love of learning! You won't find me without a book!

Most of them are medical/wellness related.