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Symptom after symptom consuming your life?

Not getting the answers you need from your doctor visits? 

Feel like something is wrong but constantly told "everything looks normal, maybe you're just anxious"?

Friend, it's time to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. 

YOU know your body more than anyone else & YOU know when something is wrong!

I help busy, tired, professional women get to the root cause of their low energy, brain fog, and thyroid symptoms so they can start living their best life!



Hi! I'm Jasmine..


Registered Nurse turned Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coach. 
My journey towards this path began when I personally faced the challenges of autoimmune thyroid issues and felt lost in a sea of specialists who couldn't provide the answers and support I desperately needed. That experience ignited my mission to help others connect the dots of their various symptoms to then be able to take control of their own health and finally start their healing journey.
At, Jasmine Parker Coaching, I prioritize your wellbeing by creating a supportive and personalized approach. I understand the importance of being seen, heard, and feeling supported. Drawing on my background as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and a Restorative Wellness Practitioner, I take a whole body approach to health, identifying individualistic root causes that contribute to thyroid symptoms such as low energy, mental exhaustion, irritability, anxiety, dry skin, hair loss, and more. 
What sets me apart is my commitment to your long-term success. I don't believe in temporary fixes or simply sending you on your way. Instead, I provide you with comprehensive support, tools, and resources to maintain your health and wellness journey. I use positive psychology and offer ongoing guidance to help you stay on track and deeply understand your own body. 
On your transformational journey you'll not only find relief from nagging symptoms but, also gain the knowledge and empowerment to live a life of optimal health. It's time to reclaim control and thrive. Let's embark on this path of self-discovery and healing together. 

Is this you?

  • Always wearing socks and slippers because your feet are cold
  • Engaging in minimal physical activity due to fatigue or lack of energy
  • Skipping meals or engaging in irregular eating patterns
  • Drinking loads of caffeine just to get through your day
  • Trouble focusing to complete your work tasks or find your days unproductive
  • Engaging in mindless activities or excessive scrolling on social media
  • Feeling mentally exhausted even after minimal cognitive effort
  • Buying products that hydrate because your skin is so dry
  • Neglecting self-care, hydration, or sleep hygiene

 Your journey brought you here for a reason!  


➤ ➤ ➤ 

"Maintaining behavior changes increase by 95% when working with a health coach.

-American Society of Training and Development

 "Medical symptoms decrease by 51.1% after participants worked with a health coach." 

-Institute of Functional Medicine & Functional Medicine Coaching Academy study

who i help...


Are you a professional woman who Finds herself juggling a successful career but, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by a range of unexplained symptoms?

You are not alone. 

At  Jasmine Parker Coaching, I understand your struggles, I have walked that same walk and am here to help YOU, heal YOU

My area of expertise is in helping those struggling with thyroid issues, autoimmune thyroiditis, leaky gut, and those looking to improve their overall health.

Tired of being tired, feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, mentally exhausted, and anxious? Then it is time to get back your energy and focus to feel like yourself again and start living the life YOU DESERVE. 



How I can support you: 



Jasmine Parker Coaching helps busy, anxious, and tired women who are exhausted and frustrated with the endless round-a-bout doctor visits who want to increase their energy and rid brain fog without being told "everything is normal, nothing is wrong". 

Let's heal your thyroid and gut health so you can enjoy a healthy, sociable life!



I knew I had a dairy intolerance, I figured that out at 18. As I've gotten older my sensitivities to dairy have become far worse. The inflammation, the bloating, fatigue, and constant discomfort. It wasn't until my kidneys started acting up and put me in the ER twice last year, that I made the decision to eliminate dairy. Amazingly enough the inflammation resolved, the kidney pain was gone and I felt so much better. This kick started my journey of health. I needed to know what else my body responded negatively to. That's when I decided to do the elimination diet. All I can say is that everyone should DO IT!! By cutting everything out and slowly adding them back in, you really get to know your body and how eating the proper foods help you heal. I cannot recommend this process enough. 


Make no mistake, this diet is hard!  But man does it work!  I dropped 30lbs, got rid of frequent urgent trips to the bathroom post meal, and no longer felt bloated or tired after eating.  Future you will wonder why you waited so long to feel this good!










The elimination diet is perfect for you if you've ever questioned whether you have food intolerances or allergies. The diet takes you back to the food basics eliminating all dairy, gluten, added sugar, and so forth. The results I experienced were life changing. I could feel my inflammation go down. It helped with bloating and stomach pains. I felt more energized, clear minded, my skin looked amazing, I experienced less cravings, and had fewer gut reactions. The most important part of the diet is when you reintroduce foods. You can literally LISTEN to your stomach and it will TELL you what foods help your body or harm it. In completing the elimination diet, I ended up with a personalized diet that is full of all the foods that are right for my gut, body, and mind.


A complete list of essential thyroid tips to help you get started!

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