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HI! I'm Jasmine!

Founder of Love, Your Thyroid‚ĄĘ,¬†Registered Nurse, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Hashimoto's educator, advocate, and remission patient!


When my Functional Medicine doctor first suggested I had a thyroid disorder, I was shocked. None of the conventional doctors or specialist I had seen ever made that connection. Determined to find answers, I ordered an at-home TSH test. The results were alarmingly high. 

I took these results to my Conventional Medicine doctor and asked for a retest. To my surprise, she said no, attributing the abnormal results to a random stress response and said my last test was "normal". 

Have you ever been told it's "just stress" or "everything is normal"?

But, I gracefully advocated for a full thyroid panel because I wasn't satisfied with that answer. I was suffering symptoms I never had before, bouncing from specialist to specialist with no answers, this was the only lead I had in a year.  

When the comprehensive lab results came back not only was my TSH off the charts by I had elevated thyroid antibodies. This wasn't simply hypothyroidism. This was an autoimmune disease. 

What are your thyroid lab results saying?